A Cheaper Way to Add Voice and Data Cabling

If you have voice grade wiring that is in need of more data space, and would like it to have the ability to have a service reach further than ever before, then look not further — ActivReach is here. ADTRAN, Inc. is one of the leading voice and data cabling companies and has introduced this new technology in a product called the NetVanta 1535P Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Many older structures, especially office buildings, have been previously wired with what is called voice-grade cable. This is generally a kind of 100 ohm twisted pair cable. Many companies tend to try using this as a medium for LAN since its already been installed. But this limits the rates for data and distance. People quickly began finding the need for data rates much higher than the 1Mbps to 16Mbps that were common. After 1995, once the Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard had been revamped by the Electronic Industries Association, the most common UTP cabling became Category 3 that could handle up to 16MHz in transmission.

Category 3, or CAT3, was quickly put into schools, hotels, stores, hospitals, warehouses and office buildings all over the world. But this voice grade cable isn’t actually compatible with the normal Ethernet, which means it is much more difficult for companies and businesses to use the newest IP voice and data network solutions. For a time, companies were forced to install new cable to be able to take advantage of Voice over IP and the latest UC services. But for some companies, who couldn’t afford the high prices of running the new cable, they faced being technologically in the dust.

The NetVanta 1535P Gigabit Ethernet switch enables companies to have up to an additional 100Mbps running over their already installed voice and data cabling infrastructure. This is over three times the limit of original Ethernet. The NetVanta is compatible with all types of wiring and it can provide the delivery of voice and data, not to mention PoE, from one singular piece of equipment. With this product, companies are now able to use their existing infrastructure and still be able to take advantage of coud-based unified communications and other hosted services.

In Washington, a Best Western has taken initiative and is now using the ActivReach to acquire faster data access without forking out heaps of money to cover the installation of new cable to meet their needs. The hotel had been under construction for an expansion which was installed with newer voice and data cabling than it’s old wing. The older part of the building had only voice-grade copper wiring, while the expansion was given CAT3. With the help of the NetVanta 1353P, this Best Western was able to blend the two different infrastructures and still have the ability to send data up to 100Mbps.

ActivReach is the only thing of its kind currently on the market. The Nevanta 1535P is the most cost effective way to enable more efficient voice and data connectivity, without breaking the bank. At the moment, this is the only product that ActivReach has been applied to, but with it’s success rate, there are bound to be more coming soon.