SCP – Where, Which, What

Especially as your structured cabling business grows and become more lucrative, one of the biggest considerations for the success of the work is where and how to get your cabling materials and tools. Depending on the size and scale of your operations, keeping a stock of cables, hardware and work tools can be a wise choice. The capability to acquire more specialized cables and supplies quickly and efficiently is also a big help towards the success of installation and repairs. Because many companies that deal in the business of structured cabling do so from different angles, or concentrate on a particular area or service, the needs of each group is different.

Warehouse websites like can be very useful in fulfilling the supply needs of most cabling outfits. is the site of Structured Cabling Products (SCP), a Florida- based company that holds a wide variety of cabling products in stock. Bulk cables, hardware, and other tools and technology are categorized easily within the outlines of the website. Unlike retail outlets, which do not keep as much equipment in stock, SCP is able to provide more variety at a higher quantity. Because they do not keep a chain of stores or large mass of sales employees, they are able to focus their energy on tracking down the best prices on cabling materials and, in turn, keep costs low to the technicians and contractors who buy from them.

In the industry of structured cabling there many different sorts of companies. One of the most successful and highly-utilized kinds of cabling company is those that work specifically to provide network television and at-home internet connection. These “cable providers” are those who run and own cable throughout residential areas to provide strong signal connection to their customers. The quality of the frequency and signal are very important so that home entertainment isn’t interrupted and has good image clarity and value. This is were can work with a cable provider to keep them stocked in SCP-O, or structured cabling products- optics. This subcategory of cabling materials deals particularly with fiber optic equipment. SCP-O optics differ from most other cables in that the internal wiring the runs the information from point a to point be is made of highly pressurized and stretched glass instead of copper or other metal materials. carries a large batch of scp-o optical materials and has the staff to form a real relationship with cabling companies and installers. Because fiber optics are still being perfected, they presently have an inherent cinderella clause, meaning that flaws in the creation of optical cables causes them to have a shorter shelf life than some other equipment. Because of this is is particularly important to keep an open and ready supply of scp-o coming in if you are working to provide high-resolution cable networks to homes and businesses. Because cabling technology continues to grow and revolutionize to improve function and quality, keeping up to date on the cabling material industry can make or break a cabling company. Having a good relationship with an able supplier like SCP at is a sure bet.