Environmental Initiatives and Structured Cabling

One of the largest and ever growing trends in business at large is the environmental initiative. This also holds true in the structured cabling and telecommunications networking world. Globally, a turn towards green technologies and a new attention to sustainability and energy conservation has been palpably clear over the last twenty years. Larger names in the manufacturing of network technologies and materials, like Cisco and Motorola have vast environmental departments that specialize in research and development to create network equipment that makes less waste. In an industry where the nuts and bolts are built around metals and plastics, it is important to discover ways to utilize materials that can be produced with limited environmental impact, and that also, through application, decrease environmental impacts like greenhouse gas emissions and energy seepage.

Government support from programs like CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) which was established in 2005 by former President Bill Clinton, bring together giants of the industry, CEOs and the heads of environmental NGOs to stir up comprehensive solutions to the environmental issues popping up all over the world. Cisco, one of the worlds largest telecommunications technology companies is directly involved with CGI and works to encourage companies applying their technologies to be environmentally responsible as well. One of their most recent actions is to promote the use of video technologies in corporate settings. If companies that have distant and variant branches need leadership to meet company-wide, traditionally, they would have to commute long distances to be in the same room. The carbon footprint of this automotive or airplane travel can be reduced and even eliminated if video technology is developed and installed in a way that not only supplements, but eliminates the need for travel. Turn on the screen and the camera, and you are all in the same room. Particularly as such technology has become more producible and more affordable, it does appear that is has the potential to replace the business practice of face-to-face conferences and meetings.

It is important that individuals at all levels of networking technology pay careful attention to the effects that environmental awareness has on the industry. Whether you are a cabling installer, a network-service salesperson, or a company CEO the business of cabling will go the way that the environmental resources dictate. Especially as the federal government and philanthropic organizations and lobbyists grow in force toward green concerns, so too will the economy that decided the wavers of the free market. As consumers begin to morally expect environmental awareness from the products and services they employ, businesses also find that it is fiscally responsible. Conservationist methods generally save us all money, which in the end, is where the ‘buck stops.’ Seeking out these solutions can set you apart from other companies and laborers around you and give you the extra boost you need to be successful. Look into trainings and courses that will arm you with the tools necessary to keep up with this growing trend. Trade is dictated by the resources available, and structured cabling is no exception.