Ethernet Network Cable Splitter Misconceptions

With some research, you may find that lots of people think ethernet splitters are a means by which to share their internet connection. That is, after all a logical thought. Based on the name of the tool the implication is that a Splitter could split anything ethernet-related. Unfortunately, it is assumptions like this that leave many consumers staring in vain at their computers wondering why the ethernet splitter they just purchased won’t do what they think it will.

This type network cable splitter is not constructed for the distribution of internet between multiple computers. So if it’s not meant to split the internet connection, what is it designed for? An ethernet splitter is made to diminish the amount of ethernet cable required to connect two networks together. In this case, ‘network’ refers to the internet, but instead to two or more computers to LANs (Local Area Networks) that you are trying to join together. Splitters are used in sets of at least two. There are four wires of ethernet cable in normal LAN movement, but inside these cables, there are eight wires. A splitter reduces cable usage by directing two flows of energy down a single cable. This saves in actual cable footage, but also in cable ad wire disorganization and clutter in the office or home. If you are trying to connect several computers with ethernet cable to several others in another nearby space, you could use two pairs of cables but, with the application of two splitters, you need only one pair. This is the most common set up to which ethernet cable splitters are applied.

Another issue with ethernet splitters is that people don’t receive the information that splitters can only function in pairs. Most individuals get a single splitter and find themselves frustrated when none of their connections work. Multiple splitters are needed because the information going through ethernet cable requires merging on one side before it enters and separation at the other side where it comes out. The use of a single splitter allows data to enter the cable, however when it gets to the other end of said cable, there is a disconnect. Because the flows of information are merged, when they reach the other, receiving end, there is some confusion on the part of the accepting computer. The end computer recognizes one wire with two flows of data. This issue is resolved by utilizing a splitter that properly separates the one flow of information back to two separate rivers before forwarding it through to the recipient end. This is the reason why using splitters in pair is so important. Without the appropriate splitters, this sort of cabling won’t work. Splitters are an excellent way of connecting several computers together over a network while cutting back on the length of cable needed for a LAN. Unfortunately, different cabling tools are required for dispersing any sort of internet setup.