HDBaseT With CAT5e and CAT6 Cabling

When you are dealing with a home theatre system, one of the most confusing aspects always seems to be the ridiculous myriad of different colored cables that need to be plugged into a precisely changing location in order to make anything work. Thankfully, technology has made some leaps and bounds in this area, and now there is HDBaseT technology available for use in your home or commercially.

HDBaseT is a way to for you to connect all your different entertainment devices that reside in one area through one single CAT5e or CAT6 cable The HDBaseT Alliance has put out a HDBaseT media hub, which enables you to plug in a variety of HDBaseT devices to one control center. Basically, you will be able to have all the electronics and media devices in the different rooms of your house hooked up to one controlling device, which will allow you to put anything on any screen in the house. This system needs only one CAT5e or CAT6 cable from each room leading to the HDBaseT media hub, which means less cables for you, better features, and no need to crowd the electrical outlet.

The beauty of an HDBaseT is that it works in commercial and industry settings as well. It was originally created for point to point connectivity for consumers, such as connecting a TV to a media streamer, or having a two box display, or as a docking system for multimedia presentations. Because of it’s star topology networking and ability to handle daisy chain networking, HDBaseT also works brilliantly for many camera applications that need live performance and high quality. Consider HDBaseT for surveillance cameras that are placed far apart, need to cover large distances, or are subject to harsh weather conditions. With just one cable stretching between all the cameras, installation is easy and inexpensive, and performance is very reliable.

HDBaseT is also hard at work in the world of digital signage. With the ability to play from multiple sources at one time and the need for only one cable, it has proven to be significantly less expensive. Airports are using HDBaseT to show a variety of different displays at once throughout terminals. And it has been helpful in the hospitality industry. Imagine holding a conference in a hotel and being able to project a unified video to various lobbies, conference rooms, and rooms, while the media hub is located 100 meters away.

Installers are salivating over HDBaseT. It’s a faster, more efficient way to install a reliable source with less equipment. Although the audio and video displays are on par with a standard dual-cable UTP installation, the real sell is that you are able to have the same delivery using only one CAT5e or CAT6 cable. And that singular cable reaches twice as far, which means longer distances for customers. In addition, with fewer necessary cables and equipment, the installation costs go down as well as the time needed for the install. HDBaseT is an excellent choice for transmitting any technology over long distances.