International Cabling and Cable Suppliers

While the thought doesn’t often occur to us, it takes only one trip to a foreign nation to realize that different electrical and technological systems are used in various parts of the world. Just try to plug in an appliance while staying at a hotel in europe and you will quickly discover that the technologies aren’t compatible. Even with the proper converters the surge protection, the wattage strengths must be considered so that you and your technology don’t get shocked. Because different regions have different systems, few cabling technologies are standardized worldwide. Compensations must be made from place to place to keep systems running smoothly and effectively.


As cabling companies and providers grow and take on international contracts, this mix-match of electrical and technological systems is often one of the biggest hurdles to overcome inside of business expansion. One of the most ample boons to companies who find themselves going multi-national, besides good local consultants, is working with a material supplier who can meet international cabling needs. Structured Cabling Products, founded over ten years ago in the Florida, Ft. Lauderdale area is one of the most substantial cabling material companies in the Unites States. As Structured Cabling Products (SCP) has grown and developed over the years, the company’s scope has expanded into the worldwide market. SCP has a distribution center in the Netherlands to serve Europe and the United Kingdom as well as authorized distributors that serve Africa and the Middle East. Because of this range of service, a variety of technologies are needed, and thus SCP has the largest selection of low voltage cables and hardware in the cabling industry.


SCP-O, standing for optical and fiber optic cabling products, are a large component of the international cabling materials moved in bulk by SCP. With an internationally accessible website at, Structured Cabling Products is able to offer optical cable that is compatible with different electrical systems in bulk amounts. Beyond scp-o other varieties of cables are readily available with internationally suitability. SCP-P standing for PVC and plenum coated cables and hardware are also widely used internationally. These cables, which generally include cat5 and cat6 order cables, are most used in structured cabling for computer and internet networks. Scp-p is a category that is perhaps the most widely required by cable installation and maintenance companies, and helps to keep businesses well in stock with these products. SCP-L is a the acronym most used to describe low smoke zero halogen cables. These are cables coated in materials without halogen and that are less likely to ignite under high heat and pressure situations. Scp-l materials are also in high demand as more networks are being built and used in places and circumstances they never would have been before.


As economies shift and international connectivity becomes more crucial to a successful business market, cabling work and the materials involved are becoming more and more in demand worldwide. Supply companies like SCP at, who are willing and able to serve this planet-wide growth are the best affiliates for the success of cabling companies growing out of the U.S. and into broader marketplaces.