services all of your Network Cabling needs. is a hiring service for structured cabling contractors in the United States and Canada. Also referred to as Network Cabling, or voice and data cabling, these specialized contractors deal with low voltage cables and wiring that connect computers, phones and data lines throughout commercial offices.

When you need a contractor to install Network Cabling or voice and data cabling, you want to know your options. You want to get the best people. Installing new structured cabling is a big project critical to your company’s functioning, the results of which you’ll likely be stuck with for the next five or more years. In today’s information economy, your network cabling installation is as important as the road outside your office. It connects you to your clients and the world.

This Network Cabling leader takes the guesswork out of finding the right contractor for the job. They do business with every national structured cabling contractor in the U.S. and Canada, and many local contractors as well. You tell them about your job and they give you recommendations for the top contractors in your area.

Here’s how it works. You visit, and right on the home page, you can fill out a few easy details about the project, like whether you need Cat5 cable, Cat5e cable, or Cat6 cable. You’ll be contacted by a Structured Cabling representative, usually the same day, to discuss your project further and verify all the details of what you need done for your new phone system or network.

Then, they will present you with a list of the most appropriate contractors in your area. You choose yourself which contractors you would like to send you bids. This Network Cabling resource then puts the chosen contractors in touch with you so they can submit bids directly to you, and you take it from there.

You always control exactly who contacts you. You specify whether you would like one, two, three, or more bids to be submitted to you. They respects your boundaries and do not give or sell your contact information to any parties beyond what you’ve requested. They give you just what you need and nothing you don’t. As SEI Communications puts it, “ is an incredible resource that I could not run my business without.”
Clients can also search for contractors by state in the United States and browse through all the contractors who’ve chosen to advertise on the site. has been in business since 1998 and serves over 400 clients a year.

They also offer services to contractors. Contractors can register for free to be included in’s database of companies and people that are suggested to clients. They welcome registrations from cabling installation companies as well as from individual cabling engineers and technicians.

Network Cabling Contractors can also get listed publicly on the site for a monthly fee. The site features an interactive map that shows network cabling installers by state, and is a great way to catch the eye of interested clients in the area.

From the contractor side, is an excellent source of client leads. Network Cabling contractors describe their cabling areas of expertise, whether that is voice and data cabling or Network Cabling Installation. They also specify which geographic areas they service. Then, they brings them leads who are already looking to hire, and whose project matches the contractor’s services.

Utilizing this Network Cabling service is a win-win for clients and contractors. It’s free, professional, and accurate. It saves clients from scouting dodgy contractors, and contractors from barking up the wrong tree for leads. It’s the smart place to go for structured cabling professionals.