Network Cabling Solutions-Traffic Analyzers

The newest network cabling trend at Datatrend Technologies is employing the use of traffic analyzers. These pieces of equipment are an efficient and intelligent way to learn more about the locations, trends, and habits of a customer base.

For digital ages, traffic analyzers have been a staple among retail stores to count the people in and out daily. In the past few years, the equipment has become more sophisticated, taking the data and presenting it in a way for companies to better understand the needs and wants of their clientele. Datatrend’s traffic analyzers do the standard count of people in, people out, but they also can determine the high and low hours and seasons for a place of business. They can assess the success of in store marketing plans and factor sales opportunity to try to lower revenue leakage. They also show the rates for sales conversion and can compare the store’s performance to a wider market. Datatrend takes service one step further by analyzing the mountain of data and presenting it in such a way that companies can utilize the information to make quick decisions.

Irisys Inc. is offering a different kind of tracking by partnering with WirelessWerx in an effort to show customers patterns when shopping in a store. Irisys has standard people counters at the doors of shops to count people by body heat. WirelessWerx is able to pinpoint people’s location using the signals from their cell phones, and thus effectively track their route through a specific shop. This new option for such specialized information will aid stores in their design choices and help reduce people clusters around certain items.
All traffic analyzers and people counters require a network and cabling infrastructure to properly function. Some companies have multiple stores and would like these instruments installed into all of their locations at the same time. Datatrend excels at these “multi-site rollouts,” and customers seem quite impressed with not only their timely and well-budgeted installations, but also with their continued technological support long after the network and network cabling solution has happened.

These analyzers have been installed in stores, hotels, government offices, and countless other areas with great response. They can be put in with very little deviation or disruption to a normal work schedule, and just like all other Datatrend network and cabling services, they come with a 20 year warranty. If Datatrend isn’t at the top of your network cabling directory, perhaps they should be.