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How it works!

1. You fill out the “Request A Quote” form.

2. A representative from StructuredCabling.com will contact you to learn more about your project.
(We will contact you the same day in most cases)

3. We will identify cabling contractors from our database that are the most qualified to supply you with an adequate sampling of bids.

4. We will present to you a description of each cabling contractor that we have in mind. You will be given the opportunity to choose which contractor you would like to receive bids from.

5. You will be contacted directly from those contractors to brief them further on your needs.

Things To Know!

1. This is a FREE SERVICE.

2. Unlike all other sites of this nature, we do not sell your leads to potential structured cabling contractors.

3. Since we don’t sell your leads, you will not be inundated with a barrage of calls from a multitude of cabling contractors.

4. Our goal is to find you sub-contractors who reside in your immediate area.