New Products in Network Cabling

At the BICSI Fall Exhibition this past week, Transition Networks Inc. is launching their new line of power sourcing equipment. These PSEs are designed to extend the benefits of Power-over-Ethernet Plus, or the PoE Plus, to high availability devices at the edge of networks in many different environments. These new products will work according to the IEEE 802.3at PoE Plus standard, providing 30W of power per PD. These new switches, converters and injectors are now able to power the latest in Wireless Access Points, or WAPs, PTZ Security Cameras, IP print servers, WiMAX Transmitters, biometric sensors, Notebooks and Video-Phones.

Kevin Faulds, the Director of Product Management at Transition Networks, claims that the “PeE Plus standard offers users greater flexibility and mobility with the support for new devices, while still supporting older power levels and ensuring backward compatibility with existing powered devices.” Transition Networks is striving to provide safe and reliable power sources to their customers, while at the same time reducing network cabling installation costs for themselves.

One of the items, a PoE Plus Media Converter, is perfect for times when power and date need to be provided to a WAP or IP camera that resides outside the distance limitation of copper cabling. This converter is an office-grade Gigabit Ethernet media converter, and it allows both copper and fiber network cabling to be connected easily while injecting PoE Plus power through the copper RJ-45 port. It is also a very affordable design.

Transition Networks has also put out a PoE Plus Industrial Grade Switch. This SISTP1010-380-LRT is the solution for building onboard communications systems on public transport systems like trains or buses. The device can be powered directly from the vehicles 24 VDC systems and thus there is no need for an additional power supply. It is also designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, between -40F and 158F, and has been constructed to be mounted outside of the air conditioned passenger spaces.

They also built a fully managed Industrial Ethernet switch that provides full gigabit speed on up to 8 copper ports. This switch, the SISPM1040-384-LRT, was created for environments that need high reliability and availability. It has advanced Ethernet management, redundancy and security features paired with rigged hardware performance. And the 8 Gigabit copper ports with PoE Plus are perfect for wireless access points with MIMO antenna diversity.

These few items are just the tip of the amazing portfolio by Transition Networks. These new products are changing the way network cabling companies look at installation and network cabling solutions.