New Technology for Lynn University

Every four years, the United States comes together in adversity for 90 minutes to view a dueling dialogue between those who will one day lead us all. This year, the final debate between presidential candidates before the election was held on Monday, October 22nd at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. Even more amazing than the way the presidential nominees treated each other during the final debate, is the amount of people that were able to watch it happen – thanks to a highly sophisticated network cabling system provided by Corning Cable Systems.

Corning Cable Systems is a part of Corning Incorporated and is a leader in voice and data applications, video networks, and telecommunications in general. They have offices all across the globe and in Arizona, Texas, and Virginia, with their headquarters in North Carolina. In the past, Corning has produced network cabling and communications solutions in grand locations like the M&T Stadium for the Baltimore Ravens and for huge events like the Super Bowl XLVI.
The final presidential debate in 2008 drew more than 56 million TV viewers and this year’s numbers are expected to be similar. Over 10 major television networks covered the event live, along with hundreds of media and press members. With such a large, high-profile event, there needed to be an incredibly fast networking solution, with no questions on connectivity and a bandwidth with tested and high volume.

Putting on an event of this caliber at a university with a pre-existing network cabling system meant Corning had to find some creative solutions. In order to provide the bandwidth needed, they ended up having to install their LANscape Solutions to enhance the infrastructure. This system is ideal for networks that cannot afford any downtime, and as fiber optics require significantly less upgrades and maintenance than copper cabling, there is rarely a need to replace or fix your cabling systems to keep up with technological demands. On top of this, fiber optics eliminate the danger of electrical shocks or sparks from a current. The network comes with Closet Connector Housings and FREEDM One indoor/outdoor fiber optic cable, as well as UniCam field-installable no-epoxy/no-polish connectors.

Luckily for Lynn University, Corning will leave LANscape Solutions installed after the debate concludes, for the school and students to use. The chief information officer at Lynn University, Chris Boniforti, is excited about this partnership with Corning and hopes it will continue in the future. This new system allows the school to run network equipment at speeds of up to 10G and will allow the school’s infrastructure to keep up with new technology as it hits the market. Not only did Lynn University get to host a momentous event in American political history, complete with the option for students to volunteer and be a part of the developments, but they also received a completely updated telecommunications system for their future use and enjoyment. And technology may soon be further impacting the political scene – in a recent study, students were polled about politics through social media and over 50% stated that, if it were an option, they would vote using their smartphone.