New technology premiers daily in the structured cabling industry. It can be difficult to decide which new trends will last and should be invested in, and which ones will fall away with time. As a contractor serving the cabling community one of the most important concerns is having the right- and best – tools for the job. This means finding a reliable supplier and keeping up a good relationship with that company. Seeking a supplier who can provide bulk amounts in a timely manner upon purchase can be crucial to your success. Structured Cabling Products (SCP) is a Ft. Lauderdale based cabling supply company that keeps everything from Cat5e cables to crimping tools to HDMI and audio-visual cables in stock. They have a wide selection and a sturdy history of serving the structured cabling industry in the U.S., Europe and Africa/the Middle East.

Structured Cabling Products

SCP sells its goods and does its business mostly over the phone and via the internet. This stockroom-to-project system cuts out retail and the costs of having sale-floor employees, spaces and maintenance costs. This means the SCP can offer lower rates for their products than other cabling suppliers. The SCP website, is clearly laid out and easy to use, listing the products available and the options for amount, ordering status, price and delivery. Classic and standard cables and cabling equipment are always present and in stock, while new technologies are offered as well. The categorization of these products in specific, falling mainly into classifications based upon the situations in which they are utilized. SCP-P, mainly referring to structured cabling products- PVC is one example. These PVC coated cables and pieces of hardware are the most commonly used. Network cables of this kind have a standard level of protection from outside sources, and stand up to the usual pressures and temperatures that cables are exposed to. Scp-p are jacketed in PVC based plastics which help to shield the information signals that run through them from interference and cross contamination with other signals firing along nearby cabling.


Scp-p is appropriate for most uses, but not all. In cases where networks are run through air circulation vents, or other high heat or pressure areas, PVC cannot hold up to the environment. When scp-p is exposed to intense conditions it burns or smokes and the gases released can be harmful and even toxic. So, in cases of harsh network environment, it is useful to communicate with SCP or check for low smoke or zero halogen products. These low smoke cables or SCP-L are designed to stand up to more extreme environments, and were they to fall sway to the intensity of their surroundings they have a smaller likelihood of emitting toxic content into possible breathing-air supplies. This is a new technology that is still being honed to withstand different environments, and as society continues to up the demand for cable networks in more unusual circumstances, it is a good thing that the technology has begun to adapt. has these cables available in bulk, and can work with your company to help decipher which variety best suits the projects you are contracted for.

Business Prosperity with SCP

Beginning your relationship with SCP and keeping updated at can be an excellent start to success with your cabling business. Whether your operation is large or small, broad or local, the tools you use and the price you pay for them is an integral part of the business. In the cabling industry, finding a reliable supplier like SCP is the first step on the path to business prosperity.