SCP Launches a New Website

Structured Cabling Products (SCP) a low voltage and cabling supply company has recently launched a new website. Located on the worldwide web as, SCP does much of its business through it’s online site. Many customers start accounts with SCP and order their supplies regularly. Because SCP functions like a supply warehouse, they can keep and sell bulk products for the cabling industry in the United States, Europe and even the Middle East.

A leader in the global manufacturing as well as the supply of low voltage cables and accoutrements, SCP is a main source for cabling hardware and wiring. The new website has been designed to be even easier to use and navigate through than old one. For commercial custom installation, security and data networking contractors, the SCP name is the first and sometimes only product supplier that is needed. As these markets grow and the economy recovers, SCP and must be kept up-to-snuff and ready for the demand placed upon it. The launch of this new website is just the start of SCP’s new online representations. Over the course of the next few months they intend to keep updating the site with more specific product images and information, as well as instructional videos and ‘how-tos’. It seems that the main goals of this refresh include attracting new customers, presenting clearer product descriptions and giving clients a better picture of the character of the company and the services they provide. With a white background and clear red and black information panels it is truly simple to find the product you are looking for at as well as the appropriate data on how to get it and use it properly.


For scp-p or PVC coated cabling, the offerings at are vast. PVC being one of the most widely used plastics to coat cables of all kinds, from cat5e network cabling to AV and sound cables, it only makes sense that bulk scp-p cables would represent a large quantity of the products that SCP has to offer. Other cables coated in various materials are also available. These alternate coatings are usually designed to solve a particular problem that has arisen with PVC. Low smoke coatings for example, or scp-l are designed to stand up to the heat and high pressure of ventilation systems, where many networks end up getting routed. Often scp-l is also applied in situations like airplanes and military bases where similar environmental issues can degrade the signal or physically destroy the cable itself. One of the fastest growing product trends in the cabling world is the application of optic cable. Fiber optic cabling, or scp-o is becoming more and more popular for data network, especially those that focus on images and videos. Scp-o is sold in shorter bulk lengths because more information can travel across less optic cable than most.

These and many other sorts of cables are available at the new Cabling tools, hardware and various accessories are also represented on the site. The new online face of Structured Cabling Products is a great step in the right direction towards clarity, client services, and approachability.