SCP New Product Announcements

Structured Cabling Products, or SCP for short, is a definitive cabling supply company that was founded in southern Florida. Serving cablers nationwide as well as the European and north African markets, SCP has a wide reach in the structured cabling industry. With cables to serve every need from audio/visual to information networking, SCP keeps in stock bulk wires and cables to keep cablers working across the field. Because they work like a warehouse, the direct transfer of goods keep costs down. SCP publishes a full catalog of their stock available upon request in the mail, or downloadable in PDF format online. Most of their business is conducted on the phone or via their website,

SCP has recently been redone to be more clear and easy to use. Because SCP is so strongly dependent upon its online representation for financial success, it is a smart move for the company to keep it’s website and online press current and one of the new additions to the website is a rolling section called ‘New Product Announcements.’ This section details any new products or new product features that SCP is currently offering to its clients. While the listings vary, and new products are featured as they arise, right now several product announcements are especially exciting.

The first featured product is an addition to the bulk cable offerings on Expanding their bulk cables to include cat7-lszh means a larger availability of scp-l or low smoke products in their line of supplies. Cat7-lszh stands for Category 7 cable with low smoke, zero halogen coating. With four balanced twisted pairs of insulated copper wires, this cable is ideal for the transport of uncontaminated image and information. Used mainly for television and network cabling, this design eliminates signal bleeding and cross-talk with other nearby wires. Low smoke, zero halogen cable jacketing is an important part of the features of this cat7 cable. Halogen, and other ingredients can be highly combustible under heat and pressure, and not only destroy the cable but also endanger people and property if is catches fire. Scp-l or structured cabling product- low smoke. Describes this category of cables, usually run in ventilation systems and other high-temperature and pressure scenarios.

cat6 Augmented cable

Another product featured in this section is the new HNCPROPLUS+™ 6A. This is a cat6 Augmented cable that is also in the scp-l section. In this cable, each pair of twisted wires is specially shielded to eliminate signal cross-contamination and is designed to perform at a higher level than its other non-HDbaseT counterparts. With scp-l low smoke, zero halogen jacketing, this cable not only performs at a high standard but can also hold to up to structurally demanding circumstances. These HNCPROPLUS+™ HDBaseT cables are made and distributed solely by SCP and are another representation of their commitment to excellence in the field of cabling product and supply. These two new products, and the new revamp of the website illustrate the growth and dedication of SCP to expanding and serving their clients at home and abroad.