Structured Cabling Products/SCP

In a time when keeping production costs as low as possible is a big part of a manufacturing companies’ success, a product warranty can be a very useful, and rather important thing. Especially if the buyer is going to use said product to create and up keep an electrically-based system where the slightest defect can cause not only malfunction but personal and financial danger, it is crucial to have a solid warranty in place. Structured Cabling Products, a south Florida company that provides cables, products and other cabling supplies to local and international cabling outfits is no exception. SCP acts as a bulk warehouse, providing professional grades and quantities of structured cabling necessities to those companies who need them. At their website,, a full listing of products and procedures can be found. These cable products range from plastic plenum and PVC coated ethernet and information cables, -also called SCP-P- to SCP-O fiber optic cables for television networking and high quality imaging systems. The site also carries hardware for cabling installation and all varieties of necessary hand and power tools to get the job done.

Also present in full at the SCP page is an overarching version of the company product warranty. This warranty serves both to keep SCP safe from customer suits and works to protect clients from faulty goods or services. Designed to focus on the End-User of the products therein, presents a Certified System
Lifetime Parts and Performance Warrant on their products. As stated in this web document, the basic purpose is to warrant that products:

Structured Cabling Products

(a) Will be free from defects in materials and workmanship;
(b) Will comply to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 specifications in effect at the time of Installation, and
(c) Will support any current applications and approved applications for which it was initially designed

Stipulations include proper usage and testing of the products be used and proper procedures practiced in the trouble shooting of damaged or faulty product replacement. All systems must also be registered within thirty days of a projects’ completion with SCP to fall under the warranty therein. If products are properly registered and prove to be damaged or defective, SCP will replace them with corresponding functioning parts.

Structured Cabling Contracting

So, for instance, if a small Nebraska structured cabling contracting firm orders a thousand feet of bulk scp-p cabling and uses it to build a computer network in a residence, they must first register it accordingly within thirty business days with If then, six months later, the customer reports signal disturbance or unavailability in their network and said firm does maintenance, discovering a physical flaw in the cable is at fault, they could file a warrant complaint with SCP, who would replace the cable in need. This sort of reliability is very important for the success of a supplier-contractor relationship. The quality of the product being moved is the truest sign of integrity for a technology supply company like If scp-o optic cable has a similar problem, being even more tricky and expensive, structured cablers can depend on SCP to right the wrong of faulty goods, thus minimizing those cablers’ financial loss. In a competitive cabling market, it is the least a cabling supplier should do.