Structure Cabling Products, (SCP) is an aptly named U.S. Cabling supply company. Founded in and operation out of southern Florida, SCP carries bulk supplies and cables for anything from computer network cabling to fire alarm security. Carrying tools, hardware and wire, Structured Cabling Products is capable of shipping large quantities all at once, allowing them to supply contractors and structured cabling companies of various sizes all across the country.


Following the new sway of the market, Structured Cabling Products functions primarily like a warehouse. Instead of a long chain of retail stores, SCP keeps stocks in bulk of cables, cabling tools and professional cabling equipment and receives orders via phone or email. They maintain an extensive website, where all of their products are catalogued and described in verbal and pictorial detail. is a beautifully managed website in which pertinent information is easy to find and any cable technician can easily communicate with the warehouse if they have any questions. As the name of the website would lead you to believe, varieties of cat5e and cat6 cable make up a bulk of the cable length SCP offers and is one of their main focuses.


Because information and computer-based networks have become integral to both economic pursuits and day to day life, they are now popping up in all sorts of unusual places. This variance in network circumstance has also led to a variety of network cables and types. Coding acronyms to make these sorts of cables easier to find and list are frequently applied. In the genre of Cat5e cable alone there are many options. SCP-P usually refers to basic PVC coated cat5e network cables. PVC is generally a good standard coating and this type of cable is appropriate for most situations. However, in buildings where the network is run through ventilation conduits or high heat and pressure areas, PVC jacketed cables can be dangerous. PVC, when exposed to heat or flame can emit toxic and corrosive agents into what might be the breathing air circulation and cause harm to humans and other animals. In these cases the Structured Cabling Products- Plenum, or plenum coated cables are usually utilized. These low smoke cables hold up better to heat and pressure and do not emit toxic by-products in these situations. In this case SCP-P is used to refer to plenum products as well.

SCP -l

SCP-L is another heading available at L for low- skew cable that is used for its low level of time delay between the signal source and the receiving end. This SCP-L is used primarily for media movements like video and occasionally sound transmission. These categories move across the board to other sorts of cabling as well, and do not apply exclusively to cat5e cabling. SCP-L can also refer to low smoke or low halogen cabling which, much like plenum cased cables, are designed to resist heat and to emit low level emission free of halogen when exposed to unforeseen fire situations. is a wonderful and knowledgeable source for cabling materials and supplies. As the cabling industry and the technology expands so to does the variety of available materials and tools.